Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11.29.11 - The A&J Show - Ep. 22: Evan Davis and J-L Cauvin!

Key Take-Away Notes: It's an A&J stand-up spectacular featuring interviews and set selections from New York comics Evan Davis and J-L Cauvin. You can learn more about J-L by vising his website and following his Twitter feed (@jlcauvin). He's basically a hunk. And if Evan piques your interest, here's a video of him performing, handsomely. And just so you know: the opinions expressed in this episode (especially the strident ones) are not in any way directed against J-L, who is, in the official opinion of John, a perfectly nice guy. (Alex has never met him, but John thinks Alex would like him if he did meet him.) 

Evan's segment of this episode runs from 6:15 to 28:29, and J-L's runs from 28:30 to 1:04:20. Also:

Potty Mouth Alert: I didn't censor anybody in this episode, because I figured, hey, you know what? You're all adults. You know what you're getting into.


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